A Double-Jointed Stainless Eggbutt bit with a Sweet Copper Link

Mouthpiece diameter 14mm Ring size 65mm x 45mm

Benefits of SWEET Copper Link:

Better acceptance

Pleasant sweet taste of the middle piece Encourages chewing and salivation

Solid copper composition (90% Copper, 7% Iron Aluminum, no Nickel) with very high strength 

Horses feel good with SWEET Copper

Benefits of a Double-Jointed Snaffle:

No pressure on the palate 

Balanced weight distribution on tongue and jaw 

Horses can easily be ridden on the bit 

No nutcracker-effect 

More forgiving to mistakes caused by a rider's strong hand or pulling on the reins

Benefits of an Eggbutt Bit:

Stops the corner of the mouth from being pinched between the mouthpiece and the rings 

The Eggbutt Bit and the D-Ring-Bit are very similar in their function and effectiveness

Stübben Steeltec quality:

• No rough edges that could hurt the horse's mouth

• Long durability due to selected materials

• A special processing technology ensures that bit holes and link pieces remain intact for longer 

SKU: 10000-382-3-8

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